Tuesday, 6 January 2009

How do I Get Imvu Credits for FREE?

Step 1

Make a free account on MetaRL.com, the only site where You can earn hundreds of IMVU credits in a matter of minutes. Also, not only can you earn credits for IMVU, you can earn Lindens, used for SecondLife, Peds, used for Entropia, Coins, used for Habbo Hotel, and last but not least, Gaia gold, obviously used for Gaia.

Step 2

Tell everyone you know about MetaRL.com and you can earn MetaPoints, you also recieve an amount of which they earn! If you use the website daily and as often as possible, you get more and more credits, coins, etc. So that makes you rich for free!

Step 3

Enter the free Daily Raffle, if you come 1st place you earn 100 MetaPoints, 2nd place gets 50, and 3rd place gets 25 MetaPoints. Also, you can try Crack The Safe to get at the MetaPoints inside!
Complete surveys and register on websites for free, to rack up loads of MetaPoints.
Play minigames, double your MetaPoints by betting & winning.
You can even get a few extra MetaPoints just by grabbing from The Money Tree.

There are many other games, surveys, contests and tasks to participate in to recieve large amounts of credits and coins and other currencies for IMVU, SecondLife, Habbo, Gaia, and Entropia. So if you're struggling to beg your parents to pay for things on your account on the websites listed on this page, create your free account on MetaRL.com as soon as possible!

Spread It To Your Friends

The more people you invite to the MetaRL website, the MORE MetaPoints you recieve!
You can also get a percentage of your friends MetaPoints if they make an account on there.
For more ways of getting a bundle of free online currency, make an account on MetaRL.com.
If You need any help with how to earn MetaPoints, or to convert them into Imvu credits,
go for help at http://metarl.com/faq.php.
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Quick Links To Recieve Your Free Online Currency

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Ways To Earn Imvu Credits

Make a Free account on Metarl.com and earn LOADS of credits for Imvu.
Things to which will earn you MetaPoints which converts into credits are to
complete surveys, registering for free on websites, play a variety of minigames,
gambling by DOUBLING your MetaPoints by betting and winning, taking part
in the Daily Raffle, and if you want a few extra MetaPoints quickly, just grab from
the Money Tree.

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